Graphic Design and Photography blend in original artwork that is great for Interiors, Fashion, Gifts, Novelties.


Louise Anne Marler is an Artist and Designer, who creates images from her original photography, graphics and illustrations.

Discover original, iconic typewriter art, photos of rusty old cars and trucks, vibrant Hawaiian surreal landscapes and deities, and Chinese ancient ceremonial papers transformed into contemporary art. Santa Monica sunsets, Caribbean beaches and Desert landscapes are nature photography which the artist’s library of images includes on the Gallery Page.

Louise is the Founder of LA Marler fine print, the creative company, which designs and produces Fine Art, Home and Fashion Accessories, Stationery and Gifts. “I love to make art and things that make people happy,” she says. The LA Marler aesthetic is simple, colorful and energetic. Our lifestyle brand is natural, beautiful and enhances Your personal story.
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