Louise – LA Marler – is an American Contemporary Photographic Artist based in Los Angeles.

Her original contemporary color photography blended with graphic design creates the iconic typewriter art, keywords, as well as other analog themes: vintage camera art and retro radio photograph art. With a range of mechanical and digital techniques, LA Marler’s unique contemporary style is shown in museums, galleries, private collections, films, and tv internationally.

You can see the LA Marler art galleries and shop for ready-to-ship fine art, and novelty merchandise.

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Word_ vintage typewriter art_photographic pop art

Famous TypOwriters

Ray Bradbury TypOwriter art by LA Marler

LA Marler transforms original photographs of important authors’ typewriters into contemporary insignias in her exclusive collection, Famous TypOwriters. The Famous TypOwriters is unique in that each author’s typewriter art is personalized for the beloved writer’s style. LA Marler photographed Ray Bradbury’s and Orson Welles’ actual typewriters with the permission of Steve Soboroff, who owns the typewriter collection. She then creates contextually detailed images to transform her photos into graphic photo collage homages.

Limited Edition Fine Prints of Famous TypOWriters help fund journalism scholarships.