camERAs – Vintage Camera Art

This Vintage Camera Pop Art suggests holding a mirror up to the way our culture has become casually snapping images of everything. The viewer can reflect on the evolving process of how and why we take pictures. The history of visual story-telling, is being summoned in her concept art. The photographic print becomes sculpture.

“LA Marler immortalized the rangefinder cameras by her masterful digital darkroom techniques which transform these prosaic pieces of metal and glass into objects of mystery and wonder,” stated Les Hardie, collector. The “35mm camERA” photos are colorful and graphic, iconic 21st-century versions of their actual forms.

In this era of Selfies, Marler created images of picture taking tools that were the front-runners of the EWACs (everyone with a camera). Some of the “35mm camERAs” are literal Selfies with her reflection in the lens, and others are imbued by artistic expression. These refined pop art images are echoing reproductions of the original photographs.

“While I was in Sammy’s Camera getting supplies, I saw the last light box on the shelf, and said “Aha!” Louise recalled. Photographers formerly needed a light box in order to view film negatives, and select which images would proceed to printing. LA Marler “camERA light boxes” are reversed engineered concept art of industrial age, mechanical equipment. Her photographs of cameras are C-prints mounted on light boxes which back-light and frame the art succinctly.

“These images are a lot of fun, Louise Marler has taken the camera into interesting new territory,” said John W. Nagel, Exec. Director or the International Photography Museum. Marler’s experience with mechanicals in prepress for printing and traditional dark room printing is fully summarized in this series.

LA Marler’s artistic trajectory is photographic dialog between the analog and digital worlds. Her artwork is the “fountain of youth” for mid-century equipment.