Why should you hire Louise Marler for graphic design and printing? For many years, I have been successfully promoting companies through marketing, design and production. Function exceeds form when its about making a business or project successful. Using both hands and hemispheres of my brain, I am an outside-the-box lefty. My keen eyes and artistic instincts, are well balanced with sharp math and analytical problem solving skills. Raised in the midwest, my values reflect being hard-working and reliable. Initiate, research and plan the project, including schedule and budget, I delegate, motivate, improvise and complete… But that is not all. Fun and evaluation are integral parts of the process.



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“Louise is an asset to us. Her attention to detail and hand skills are excellent. She can be relied on to get the project accomplished on time and has a fun sense of humor.” ~ Bernie Santos, VP & Director of Studio – Deutsch LA “We rely on L. A. Marler as a competitive and consistent resource for our graphics and print. Her catalogs and window treatments exceed expectations for many years.” ~ Michael Kofoed, VP & Director of Marketing – Genexus International