Retro Radios

About Vintage Radio Art: Two original photographs merge into one for this surreal series. A friend who works at Amoeba Music in Hollywood also collects vintage radios. And since my artwork of vintage typewriters and cameras has been so popular, I photographed her collections too.

camERAs – Vintage Camera Art

This Vintage Camera Pop Art suggests holding a mirror up to the way our culture has become casually snapping images of everything. The viewer can reflect on the evolving process of how and why we take pictures. The history of visual story-telling, is being summoned in her concept art. The photographic print becomes sculpture. “LA [...]


You know about Haiku, Japanese poem, right? In three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally haiku evokes images of the natural world. Well this is KeyWords from LA... It's the new light verse: 4 lines of 3 letters that inspire. Too romantic? Okay then, consider it a word game. Seek the meaning. Decode [...]

Famous TypOwriters

Marler’s green Royal QDL, photos and documents other parts of the Marler family typewriter business have been included in the National Museum of American History! Read More. Using an ultra-modern photographic vocabulary, LA Marler transforms simple photographs of typewriters into pop-art insignias in her exclusive collection, Famous TypOwriters.The Famous TypOwriters is unique in that each [...]

HI ∞

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TypOwriters ~ All Original Typewriter Art

Book a Type-In: Scalable Interactive Exhibit TypOwriters is LA Marler's iconic photographic vocabulary, a blend of original photographs, graphic design and typography. Manual typewriters renders Pop Art of the vintage manual typewriters. They are loved by many people, especially those with a connection to writing. Whether you are a professional writer, closet poet or simply have [...]