Rancho Mirage Writers Festival invites LA Marler to return ~

For the 2nd year contemporary artist Louise Anne Marler was invited to exhibit her vintage typewriters and typewriter themed original art at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival.

LA Marler makes history. The Smithsonian Museum of American History.

There is a term for going “all out” to impress your dying father, although I don’t know it, just felt it. It was naturally directing. When my mother and I drove up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2014 for the International Typewriter Collectors Convention, that was what I was doing. Well partly, it was also to [...]

Visit the Joshua Tree TYPE Inn & Gallery ~

About every 5 years, I realize a wild idea becoming real… and usually even better than the original thought. When I bought this house with what was left from the sale of my printing company, it was a dump. Literally, the drug addicts that camped there, did not use trash cans! Little by little, each […]

Who is this guy, Hemingway?

While biking riding through stately southern mansions with very tall trees and exotic vines, on a tour through Key West recently, we breezed past the Hemingway House. Despite the sultry 108˚F, we absorbed the southern most point of the continental USA. After a scoop of key lime ice cream, I could have gone back to [...]

camERA and typOwriters Opening at Lurie Gallery

Concept Light Boxes and Large Mixed Media are fresh out of the LA Marler studio. Sold all in NYC at the recent Affordable Art Fair. I photographed, developed graphically in photoshop – my digital darkroom, printed on on super thick 310 gram textured stock and then Painted metallic highlights and spot vanishes. Yes, I pushed it into […]

Unplug at the Paley Media Center

Looking for a cool way to enjoy 1/2 of your summer day. Take an easy trip to the Paley Media Center… See Steve Soboroff’s expanding collection of varied Famous Authors (and some typewriter related crooks) … Here in the land of diversity, we want to see all categories represented. The Mildred Benson and Andrea Bocelli […]