Father’s Day & Typewriter Day

It’s not a typical combo, but for me, a logical one. It was the first Father’s Day since my dad passed away and the first Typewriter Day I’ve ever acknowledged. A new chapter of synchronicity. Dad gave me discipline, confidence, and tools. Left-handed, sensitive, imaginative and rebellious, I was his challenge. Nevertheless, he was loyal […]

SMO Artwalk is Saturday, March 14th

Late winter each year recently, I am inspired to create a new art series… Hey wait, is it winter? Oh yes and Oh Joy, we might get some rain. We might have to shut the windows and doors. Man our winters are slight here. It is such an asset of SoCal life. In keeping with […]

Determined to Succeed @ L.A. Marler Studio

  How did you spend your teenage summers? Although mine were usually experienced in Missouri, at fifteen I stayed with relatives in Redondo and the visit opened my eyes to a whole new world. In St. Louis, I went to the pool everyday, listened to music, and made jewelry by painting rocks and drilling holes […]