Determined to Succeed @ L.A. Marler Studio

Kids_w_prints  How did you spend your teenage summers?

Although mine were usually experienced in Missouri, at fifteen I stayed with relatives in Redondo and the visit opened my eyes to a whole new world. In St. Louis, I went to the pool everyday, listened to music, and made jewelry by painting rocks and drilling holes in them—Real Rock Art came before Rock Stars. In LA, I traded the pool for the ocean, awoke to the glimmering Angeleno sun, and saw art everywhere.

Working with students from Determined to Succeed (DTS) this week is bringing memories of my own summer at fifteen to the forefront of my mind. From July 7th – 11th, I’m hosting their latest group of summer geniuses. The students are learning how to print their original photos onto a variety of mediums. They infuse a fresh source of energy and curiosity into my studio, granting me the opportunity to introduce a new generation to the magic of printing. Follow us this week as they learn how to transfer images from their imaginations to prints: t-shirts, notecards, and pendants.

Although this week’s class is full, there’s still space available for the July 21st – 25th session. All ages are welcome. Register here join us!

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