Father’s Day & Typewriter Day

It’s not a typical combo, but for me, a logical one. It was the first Father’s Day since my dad passed away and the first Typewriter Day I’ve ever acknowledged. A new chapter of synchronicity.

Dad gave me discipline, confidence, and tools. Left-handed, sensitive, imaginative and rebellious, I was his challenge. Nevertheless, he was loyal and loved. He was honest and outspoken, not always liked. He was always planning, a very practical man with vision. As his body was failing, we were private. No bulletins, or dramatic processions were made. Just a sort of numb quietude. Then my fingers danced as if with tap shoes, and the typewriting continued.

Finally Typewriter Day gave me a way to publicly express my loss and gain a new holiday… There are no coincidences. Typewriters give me a way to express everything from my heart to universal love. Thank You Dad.

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