You know about Haiku, Japanese poem, right? In three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally haiku evokes images of the natural world. Well this is KeyWords from LA… It’s the new light verse: 4 lines of 3 letters that inspire. Too romantic? Okay then, consider it a word game. Seek the meaning. Decode the text influenced twists of modern language. Crack the code to cross the bridge from pop to infinite.

Poetic inspirations and illustrations are derived from my fascinations with communicating, abbreviations, new technology and changes in the language, an on-going love of analog, and of course, typewriter art. Obsessed with communicating, language and words, as well as the new emergence of abbreviations and changes in our English language, this series is full of great inspirational and positive messages.

And yes, it is a comment about cyber life and needing the key words on the backside of posts for internet spiders to have content to feed the almighty machine.

Color palette of yellow, white, rusty red, black, metallic gold are painted over to enhance the abstraction of bold letters. It’s universal and timeless. Looks great in groups of 6 or nine. Imagine wallpaper that speaks to you!