Revolt in Print

LA Marler Revolting since 1969, in print.

The human race, has been revolting since the beginning of time in different ways. Wiki it. And we still are …

Our Revolt is quiet, bloodless and in Print. Take the current newsprint-style art magazine based in NYC to the beach (or couch) and Read All About It, like the paper boy called out in the 20th century. I am delighted to express my long love of publishing through proofreading, editing, layout, and art while waging the beautiful revolution: Freedom of the Art Press.

Read on to discover what this Revolt Magazine’s David & Goliath Issue means. You can request a tangible and permanent, issue of this special edition by email. If you are near Santa Monica, you can stopby to pick-up… If you see one around town, then you are lucky for these are in short distribution for now… Or read it online. Get the latest on the Chelsea Art Scene and the details of Revolt v. Revolt!

This past year there were a few uprisings… By standing strong, the people say no more. But our revolution is only black and white as far as the ink on paper. Read on. Revolt on. In Print.

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