Miniature and Wearable Art

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been making jewelry… My grade school friend, Tracy and I drilled wholes through small riverbed rocks. They were smooth and not so hard. So we painted them and put them on chains and wore them. Then I made leather tooled name bracelets for everyone on the playground. It was such fun that I gave them away! Not quite a great business woman from the start, yet passionate about creating beauty and sharing it. And still am.

Many creations have been put into appreciation and use since then. Studying at GIA added a professional level to my jewelry. Each one is better artistically and craft-wise as it goes. I am happy to introduce the lastest: Modern Classic Pendants for sale at two online stores. They will not be in the finer boutiques until next Spring. So get yours now for all the special friends on your Holiday Gift list.