Showing at CAFAM

The Craft and Folk Art Museum is one of my very favorite LA Museums. And yes Shepard, I Entered through the Gift Shop!

From thousands of creative and intelligent Angelenos, they picked me, and a few other artists. Based on originality and quality of handmade artwork, we are showing with the Changarrito Project at Craft and Folk Art Museum on Wilshire in mid-town.

Come on the FREE day and see the closing exhibits and me! 😉

Playful, by Maximo Gonzalez. His work is brilliantly fun, resourceful and visually quite beautiful. Deconstructing Perestroika is Russian posters. Call me simple; I love the simplicity and flat color posters that document the fall of the Soviet Union.

I’ll be showing and selling work on location – all original art and cutsom-made – or your walls, your body, your friends, your joy.

Make it Beautiful and make it Better!


AMOR - that's LOVE to you!

Back of AlphaBits have certificate of authenticity with individually, hand signed and date