SMO Artwalk is Saturday, March 14th

Late winter each year recently, I am inspired to create a new art series… Hey wait, is it winter? Oh yes and Oh Joy, we might get some rain. We might have to shut the windows and doors. Man our winters are slight here. It is such an asset of SoCal life.

In keeping with my passion of photographic dialog between the analog and digital worlds, the 35mm camERAs have become Selfies! Yep, look closer… Be the first to see these new “graphic photos” that have filled my time in the digital darkroom for weeks now. An Apple, space heater and Pandora are primary tools.

Exploring new substrates like aluminum. BTW my chef friend says the relation between aluminum weakening the brain is a myth. Birch is a material I have been using yet now we are going direct. Check it out, let me know what you think and revive your living space. With all the controversy over the airport Art Spaces, developers and culture vultures, come have some fun while we can.

selfie, bosley camera, 35mm film, analog, vintage, sepia koni camera, 35 mm film, vintage, lens, monk orange, blue, green, mocha