Unplug at the Paley Media Center

Looking for a cool way to enjoy 1/2 of your summer day. Take an easy trip to the Paley Media Center… See Steve Soboroff’s expanding collection of varied Famous Authors (and some typewriter related crooks) … Here in the land of diversity, we want to see all categories represented. The Mildred Benson and Andrea Bocelli are great additions!

The photos and history included gives context to each typewriter and what the author created with it. These typewriters are the main tools that created the stories of most of our lives until the about the 1990s.  Some writers still use a typewriter!

It seems like our Language, Journalism, Publishing, Advertising, Publicity are definitely changing, possibly even decaying more rapidly with the internet speed and delegation of these matters. Funding Journalism Scholarships with his Typewriter Collection is a Necessary Cause. Thanks Mr. Soboroff, well done!  http://www.paleycenter.org/p-soboroff-typewriter-collection


Jerry Siegel "Superman"

I am proud to make my Journalism Scholarship contribution through Famous TypOwriter art you can see at Hales Arts in Santa Monica, or Bruce Lurie Gallery in Culver City, or http://www.lamarler.com/famous-typowriter. Let me know what you think.