Visit the Joshua Tree TYPE Inn & Gallery ~

About every 5 years, I realize a wild idea becoming real… and usually even better than the original thought.
When I bought this house with what was left from the sale of my printing company, it was a dump. Literally, the drug addicts that camped there, did not use trash cans! Little by little, each glass chard and cigarette butt, push after big manly arduous push, a few tenants and years, it is all cleaned up and comfy. Locals call it the area Sunset Wash. I call it The Type Inn at the top of the hill. That’s on Sunset at Hilltop.  Am thrilled to share it, as a vacation rental too.


This coming weekend is the Highway 62 Art Tours and it is Stop 64. The Beatles wrote a song about “When I’m 64.”  It’s our jingle for the weekend. It’s not a “cottage in the Isle of White” but it is a slow movement country house. It is fully functioning home where you can cook, sleep, bath, unplug and recreate with manual typewriters, board games, books and magazines. Listening to the birds is a quiet delight. Yes there is electricity, even wifi, but that is not the emphasis.


Hikers, climbers and stargazers come to Joshua Tree National Park. It is mostly why people come to this place, and rightfully so. Yet there are musicians, artists, astronomers, yogis, environmentalists, solar and thermal scientists and Marines. What a great mix!


Come see during the open house next Saturday and Sunday. The gallery style display of my TypOwriter, camERA and desert landscape artwork and hand-made gifts are throughout the house, including the Orson Welles and Love Letters bedrooms. If I could just accelerate the pace of these breakthroughs, I really be rolling!


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