Famous TypOwriters

Marler’s green Royal QDL, photos and documents other parts of the Marler family typewriter business have been included in the National Museum of American History! Read More.

Using an ultra-modern photographic vocabulary, LA Marler transforms simple photographs of typewriters into pop-art insignias in her exclusive collection, Famous TypOwriters.The Famous TypOwriters is unique in that each famous author’s typewriter art is personalized for the beloved writer’s style. LA Marler photographed Ray Bradbury’s and Orson Welles’ actual typewriters with the permission of Steve Soboroff, who owns the typewriter collection. She then creates contextually detailed images to transform her photos into graphic photo collage homages.

Ray Bradbury’s Famous TypOwriter art features his 1947 Royal KMM. (This manual typewriter was given to Ray Bradbury’s documentary producer who traded it to Mr. Soboroff.) Images inspired by “Fahrenheit 451” are collaged digitally to create a blazing monument of his writing machine that is a visual story. In the spirit of the writer, this artwork embodies Bradbury’s far-out and passionate intellect.

Orson Welles’ Famous TypOwriter art highlights his Underwood 4-Bank, a portable from 1926. This red faux wood grain machine includes his original signature. (It was acquired from the 1989 Estate Sale of Orson Welles.) Based on Orson’s “Citizen Kane” the typewriter is central to the man in hat with a typed and marked yellow page from the actual script the author, director and actor created in 1941. Graphic texture with language throughout, it is edgy.

Because I respect, am reliant and supportive of the integrity of Journalism, a percentage of all these print sales are being donated to Journalism Scholarships through the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation.

Limited Edition Fine Prints are available framed or unframed. Sizes are medium = 22×28 inches, or large = 27×39 inches. Archival prints are on bright textured fine art paper, 310 gram. Only 100 prints will ever be made with this stock and size. Each archival fine art print is hand-trimmed, embossed, numbered and signed by Louise, as LA Marler. If you are interested in knowing more directly from the artist in Los Angeles.