Oil is History

This photographic series of junkyard cars is significant in several ways… artistically, environmentally, socially and historically. The Santa Barbara Independent, wrote, “Marler’s subtle tonal range of color prints gorgeously captures the essence… Images are beautifully seen and executed.” As a life-long lover of nature, Marler uses these photos as a reminder that our lifestyles and environmental choices are intertwined. Americans love affair with their cars started long ago. They are part of the American dream. In the past it was bigger is better. Now it is to be more compact and fuel efficient. Read more. Download the PDF.

“Willie Hoffman returned from the war and took a mechanic job with the Chevrolet dealership.” It was then he began bringing wrecked ones home, to his 1809 Federal I house. The post World War II gas-guzzlers of the confident post-war era encircle the architectural survivor of the Jeffersonian period.” – excerpt from the Ste. Genevieve Herald, July 3, 2002. The entire yard was cleared except for the house in 2006. With a contemporary perspective, this historically significant site has been documented by Marler’s pictures.

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